A Flower Bridge Elopement – Stephanie and Josiah!

Stephanie and Josiah had one of the sweetest weddings of the year! They chose to have their closest friends and family join them at The Old Drake Flower Bridge in Simsbury. When we first spoke on the phone Stephanie she told me that if it happened to rain, they were just going to embrace it and bring umbrellas. I was actually so excited when their wedding day arrived and there was showers in the forecast. Stephanie and Josiah arrived and walked down the aisle together. Her sister officiated, and they read their own vows. After they took a few moments alone following the ceremony, we spent some time taking family portraits. Then their family left for the dinner celebration and I took some time alone with Stephanie and Josiah for their portraits. Congratulations you two!

Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0001 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0002 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0003 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0004 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0005 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0006 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0007 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0008 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0009 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0010 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0011 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0012 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0013 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0014 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0015 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0016 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0017 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0018 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0019 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0020 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0021 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0022 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0023 Candace-Jeffery-Elopement_0024

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