A Marist College Engagement Session – Joan and Matt!

We had the perfect Spring day for Joan and Matt’s Engagement Session. I met them at Marist College where they are both Alumni. They were so much fun to photograph, and they even brought their friends to the session, which added such a fun element to the afternoon (I was even able to get some free assistants out of it). Joan and Matt, I am so excited for your wedding this fall at The Gershon Fox Ballroom!


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  • […] Joan and Matt had huge smiles all day at their wedding in November!  Their love story started at college, at Marist College, and they are lucky enough to still have many great friends and memories from the school.  The bridesmaids looked incredible in the cerise, and the guys looked sophisticated in their black tuxes with bow ties and suspenders.  The ceremony was held at Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford, CT, and then we went to take portraits at Hartford City Hall.  We did a few more photos before cocktail hour started at Gershon Fox Ballroom.  Once dinner was cleared, the dancing never ended at their reception in Hartford, CT.  We hope that you love the photos as much as we do! […]

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