A Northwest Park Engagement Session – Bridget and Rick!

Bridget and Rick had a little bit of a rainy day for their engagement session at Northwest Park, but we went forward with the session and had a great time!  Northwest Park is so cute, with it’s animals, barns and wildflowers.  We are really looking forward to their wedding next year at La Bella Vista.  Enjoy the photos!

Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0001 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0002 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0003 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0004 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0005 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0006 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0007 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0008 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0009 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0010 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0011 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0012 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0013 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0014 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0015 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0016 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0017 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0018 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0019 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0020 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0021 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0022 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0023 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0024 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0025 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0026 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0027 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0028 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0029 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0030 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0031

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  • […] Bridget and Ricky had such a sweet wedding! Despite the heat and humidity, smiles never left their faces.  After getting married in their special family church, we went to Elizabeth Park for some quick bridal party portraits, and then the reception was at La Bella Vista.  Their wedding was a combination of their love for the country and their desire to host all of their closest friends and family with a heartfelt, memorable night. This was really a special wedding, and we hope that you love the photos! […]

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