A very special maternity session – Maegan and Joe!

I am so excited that I was able to do a mini maternity shoot with Maegan and Joe, just days before their baby girl was born.  We wanted this shoot to feel very natural and unpretentious, just showing the love that these two have and the excitement that they share as they await the arrival of their daughter.  Please enjoy the photos, and I can’t wait to show you the photos we did of Juniper just a couple weeks after her birth.  Many thanks to Kelly from Larissa Lake Makeup Artist & Co for making Maegan even more beautiful:)

Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0001 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0002 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0003 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0004 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0005 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0006 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0007 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0008 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0009 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0010 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0011 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0012 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0013 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0014 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0015 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0016 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0017 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0018 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0019 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0020 Candace_Jeffery_Photography_0021


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